Nutrition in Asheville, NC

Are you looking for a professional who's knowledgeable about nutrition? Kathy Whorley has 14 years of experience and loves helping her clients live healthier lives by assisting them with making good food decisions and providing impactful education around lifestyle choices. Kathy is also well-versed in sensitivities to gluten and other foods.

Kathy is certified in weight-loss management, so whether you're looking to lose a few pounds or seeking advice on how to eat better she is here to help. Her programs are science based, with commitments to ensure that each one of her clients is satisfied with their progress. When you trust Kathy with your nutritional needs, you'll benefit from:

  • Quick responses to your questions
  • High level of experience
  • Programs that are tailored to your individual needs

When it comes to nutrition, Kathy offers something for everyone. Call today to schedule an appointment and get started!