Diabetes Counseling in Asheville, NC

A diabetes diagnosis can have a major impact on your life and outlook. You'll most likely have to alter your diet and possibly start incorporating medication into your daily routine. All of these changes can be overwhelming and upsetting. If you're having trouble coping with a diabetes diagnosis, you should know that help is available. As a therapist in Asheville, NC, Kathy Whorley, Dietitian/Nutrition Consultant offers diabetes counseling for patients just like you.

Helping You Through

Whether you've been recently diagnosed with diabetes or have had the condition for quite some time, Kathy Whorley, Dietitian/Nutrition Consultant is here to help by offering therapy sessions in a warm, inviting, and soothing environment.

If you could use some help dealing with and managing your diabetes, call Kathy Whorley, Dietitian/Nutrition Consultant to schedule an appointment and learn more about how counseling might benefit you.